Multicloud adoption made simple.

Avoid vendor lock-in, enhance security, reduce IT costs, and ensure business continuity. Our unique accelerators and services empower SMB and Enterprise clients to harness the benefits of the multicloud.

Collaborate with us to unlock business value and power innovation.

Automated and scalable cloud-agnostic solutions - secure by design and tailored to the needs of highly-regulated industries.

Araadigit provides highly-secure hybrid multicloud solutions that harness the power of advanced data analytics, machine learning and AI to transform your business. We combine cutting-edge technology, always-on support and management, and expert domain knowledge to help our clients launch world-beating products, disrupt global markets and maximise profitability. It’s a collaborative approach which creates lasting value by training and upskilling your teams over the course of each project.


Increase organisational resilience while giving your business the freedom to innovate in response to a changing global marketplace.


Build a strong digital foundation to maintain a competitive advantage, future-proof your business model and facilitate sustainable growth.


Access enterprise-grade security solutions to protect mission-critical data, mitigate business risk and ensure regulatory compliance.


Empower distributed teams to work smarter, iterate faster and collaborate more efficiently—wherever in the world they are based.

Next-gen multi-cloud services - tailored to your business.

Multicloud foundations build.

Secure, scalable, multicloud environments with governance and compliance built in.

Cloud migration.

Retire legacy systems, simplify support and maintenance, and reduce IT spending.

Cloud data platform & AI.

Unlock valuable insights from large-scale datasets to power decision-making.

Cloud security & DevSecOps.

Integrate effective, automated security controls into your product delivery pipelines.

DevOps enablement.

Optimise and automate your development cycle to reduce time-to-release.

24/7 managed cloud services.

Automate and manage end-to-end multi-cloud resources and infrastructure.

Application modernization.

Boost the productivity and efficiency of your software while reducing downtime.

Cloud-native software development.

Full development of cloud-native applications to meet business-critical needs.

Whatever stage you’re at in cloud adoption, we’re on hand to advise you on your next steps.

The fastest, most cost-effective path to the hybrid multicloud.

With our purpose-built DevAuto, DataSmart and MultiFound accelerators, we make moving to the cloud a rapid, stress-free and collaborative process.


Automated DevOps and DevSecOps practices (CI/CD) that work across all public clouds.
Our DevAuto accelerator facilitates rapid setup and adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps production models in the multicloud.
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Integrated data lake and data warehousing solutions powered by ML, AI and BI tools.
Our DataSmart accelerator enables high-speed implementation of cloud data platforms to deliver AI-assisted business insights and analysis.
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Fully automated deployment of individually customised multicloud landing zones.
Our MultiFound accelerator speeds up the configuration and deployment of multicloud landing zones and facilitates the migration of existing applications and data.
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We’ll evaluate where you are on your cloud journey, and guide you to where you need to be - via an agile process.

Cloud strategy.

In the discovery phase, we define your motivating factors, set desired business outcomes, agree on the business case and set the main priorities for the project.


Next, we develop a detailed plan, covering organisational alignment, digital assets, skills and infrastructure needs.

Multicloud foundation.

Here we set up the required cloud environments, configure enterprise-grade security, and build in compliance and governance using landing zone capabilities.


This phase is supported by a detailed assessment of governance impact, including defining methodologies, ensuring best practices, monitoring compliance, and benchmarking.

Cloud migration.

At this stage we discover, design and roadmap the migration of your data and applications from any source to the cloud using proven frameworks and tools.

Next-gen managed services.

We enable automation that helps business continuity, self-healing, and self-service capabilities. We provide 24/7 support based on stringent SLAs, proactively monitoring your infrastructure, applications, and security. We use a FinOps framework to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration to control ongoing costs.


Here we set operational baselines and review progress against business commitments to ensure synergy with clients’ organisational goals.


We build long-term client relationships to foster continual improvement, find new scenarios to apply innovative solutions, harnessing emerging cloud-native technologies including blockchain, AI, machine learning, IoT, and EdgeComputing.

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