POC AWS data lake and advanced analytics

About Client

A large UK organisation in the utility industry, with annual revenue of £370M.

Key challenges

The client’s key challenges at project initiation were to promote profitable growth of its business, support its customers, and guarantee accurate reporting for its more than 5.9 million consumers across the UK.


We designed a data lake solution to ingest raw data from various data sources including SAP ERP, CSV files, social data and legacy databases, and implemented Analytics Tableau, as well as making the solution ready for machine learning integration. As part of the data lake solution, we leveraged S3, Sagemaker, Athena, Tableau, Redshift and various toolchains.


As a result of the work we delivered, the company has firmly established itself as a data-driven organization. They have reported a significant increase in the productivity and efficiency of their analysis team, due in part to the ability of team members to generate advanced analytical reports in minutes using our solution.

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