Azure, AZURE and GCP multicloud cost optimization

About the client

A major pharmaceutical company with annual revenue of $57 B, operating in 70 countries worldwide.

Key challenges

The nature of the industry meant the client was heavily regulated. Having adopted a cloud-first strategy and started running workloads across multiload platforms (AWS, AZURE, GCP), they had still experienced higher than anticipated monthly cloud bills.


As part of a cloud transformation programme, we leveraged a number of third-party tools, surfaced end-end cost leakages across the multiclouds and identified quick wins. Examples included:

  1. Automatically powering on/off non-productive/non-active instances outside of business hours.
  2. Enabling alerts when costs exceed predefined limits.
  3. Providing recommendations on re-architecting.
  4. Providing a defined approach to leverage spot instances.
  5. Providing a multi-year vendor contract
  6. Delivering recommendations with projected capacity analysis and introducing CCOE functionality, among many others.


On successful implementation the project delivered a reduction of 20-25% of running costs thanks to cost optimization techniques and automation, and of 35% by selecting a commitment model.

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