Next-gen Multicloud Managed Services

Managed multiple public clouds from a range of different vendors including proactive monitoring, security, FinOPS, and maintenance.

Reduce time-to-live, increase security, boost performance and scale services faster.

Our 24/7 managed multicloud solutions enable business continuity, reduce the risk of unplanned outages and downtime, and ensure higher availability, faster deployment and rapid scaling. We’ll help you implement a CCoE model to rightsize support and maintenance overheads and take advantage of the best available pricing models to reduce overspending.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Reduce dependency on a single provider to mitigate the risk of service disruption.

Increase reliability

Offer customers stringent SLAs guaranteeing 100% uptime for critical services.

Control costs

Leverage the most cost-effective vendor offers to reduce overall infrastructure spend.

Improve resilience

Automated disaster recovery and elastic resource allocation ensure service resilience.

Here’s how it benefits your business:

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with multicloud managed services - we can help.

How can we detect, respond to, resolve & manage multicloud alerts (infrastructure, application & security) on a 24/7/365 basis?

How can we deploy and manage patching?

How can we enable business continuity (backup & recovery, DR, etc)?

How can we enable self-service multicloud provisioning?

How can we enable Continuous Cost Optimization & FinOps capabilities?

How can we enable zero downtime SLAs & 24/7/365 multicloud infrastructure management?

If you have questions like these, Araadigit has the answers.
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