DevAuto, DataSmart and MultiFound Accelerators

With our purpose-built accelerators, we use advanced automation to ensure the fastest, most cost-effective path to help clients adopt multicloud foundations and deploy tailored solutions in a matter of days — not months.

Our cloud accelerator capabilities have been tested and proven over hundreds of successful projects.

Our DevAuto, DataSmart and MultiFound accelerators enable rapid deployment of high-quality cloud solutions at scale. Lead times are far lower than traditional methods – with project timelines measured in days or weeks instead of months.


Automated DevOps and DevSecOps pipeline that works across all public clouds.


Integrated data lake and data warehousing solutions powered by ML, AI and BI tools.


Fully automated deployment of individually customised multicloud landing zones.


Our DevAuto accelerator facilitates rapid setup and adoption of DevOps and DevSecOps production models in the multicloud.

Increase your organisational ability to deliver new services, applications or integrations at speed, allowing you to rapidly evolve and adapt your products and services to changing market needs, and increase your competitive edge. Shorten the development lifecycle to reduce time-to-market without compromising on quality or reliability.

multicloud solutions

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Our DataSmart accelerator enables high-speed implementation of cloud data platforms to deliver AI-assisted actionable insights and analysis.

Generate valuable insights from your business data, increase your competitive advantage and enable self-service access to large-volume data and analysis without the need for advanced technical skills, even in complex business landscapes. Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and standards including ISO2701, DPA and GDPR and protect your cloud applications and data from cyber threats.

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Our MultiFound accelerator speeds up the configuration and deployment of multi-account cloud environments based on industry best practices.

With MultiFound we save you time by automating the set-up of multicloud environments to run scalable workloads. We implement security via core accounts and resources. Our accelerator gives you a headstart in using multi-account architecture, network design, access and identity management, governance, and logs.

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