Cloud-native software development

Developing architecture-independent applications that leverage cloud technologies such as Kubernetes and containers.

Commission cloud-native applications to achieve business goals.

We offer a development service for clients who require new applications to be created to meet a specific use case. Our highly experienced team uses the latest techniques, from continuous delivery to microservices and dynamic orchestration to bring secure and stable client applications to market quickly and efficiently.


Cloud-native apps reduce maintenance, development and resource costs.


Future-proof applications designed to scale on demand without restructuring.


Release new applications in a matter of months, rather than weeks or years.


Develop applications precisely tailored to your business needs and workflows.

Here’s how it benefits your business:

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with cloud-native software development - we can help.

How can we turn legacy, outdated applications into cloud-supported (cloud-native) applications?

How can we help to retire legacy applications and modernize them?

How can we enable Containers & Kubernetes technologies to improve CX and security?

How can we increase the productivity of staff?

How can we split monolithic applications into scalable, secure & cost-effective microservices?

How can we increase organizational agility?

If you have questions like these, Araadigit has the answers.
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From planning to adopt cloud solutions, to cloud migration and cloud cost optimisation, our expert team is ready to help you plan, execute and manage your cloud strategy. We offer a collaborative approach, upskilling your in-house teams to create lasting value far beyond the end of the project.

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