Multicloud migration, Lift & Shift to AWS and AZURE, and re-platforming

About the client

A major player in the logistics industry, with $4.6 B annual revenue, operating in 60 countries.

Key challenges

The client had legacy workloads in DCs which were restricting innovation and business growth and contributing to excessive IT maintenance and DB licensing costs. Prior to working with us, they had attempted a Lift & Shift approach to move workloads to AWS and AZURE but hadn’t achieved the desired cost reduction.


As part of the migration programme, we analysed the re-platforming opportunity and migrated SQL and Oracle DBs to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL. We retired the client’s SSIS servers by rearchitecting the legacy DHW to an AWS Data Lake. In addition, we updated the single-tier architecture to multi-tier, thereby improving security, scalability, resilience and governance across the board.


On successful implementation the project delivered tangible benefits in these areas:

  1. An 80% reduction in license costs by open-source DB adoption.
  2. A 70% reduction in operational complexity and management overheads.
  3. 100% risk mitigation by wrapping high availability, scalability & resilience for mission critical applications.

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